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June 24, 2012
by Andrew Bates
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Truth comes from the mouths of soulless Vancouver Sun condo reviews

Ah, no form of journalism more pure than the Vancouver Sun‘s condo reviews, where real estate PR flacks unbiased freelance journalists write things about overpriced Vancouver properties that you imagine the developers of those properties would like said about them. … Continue reading

June 23, 2012
by Andrew Bates

How every Euro 2012 team must overcome themselves (and Germany)

If there has been a calling-card to this Euro tournament, it is varying levels of belief in a team’s ability to execute the attacking principles of football, specifically in the relationship between the midfield and the attack. Continue reading

December 25, 2010
by Andrew Bates

Merry Christmas from the Heartwarming Story Brigade

It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas. I’m posting from Christmas Eve because I’m probably currently drinking eggnog and deciding whether or not to suspend vegetarianism for my granddad’s bacon. This time of year, any story to happen often gets characterized as a … Continue reading