Andrew Bates

electric newspaperman

Once Darkseid reaches the end of the book, he’ll work on that Anti-Life Equation


I love to see big fantastic figures just hanging out in ridiculous situations, like that one photo of Vinnie Jones in full Juggernaut costume, standing in his trailer with football on the TV. I’ve seen Darkseid just chillin’ before–there’s an awesome bit in the JLI run where interstellar salesfolk The Cluster capture Mr. Miracle to try and sell him to Darkseid. On Apokalips, Darkseid is said to be occupied, so Granny Goodness tries to grab him. The resulting rescue mission results in chaos and messy combat between Parademons, Lobo on assignment, the League, and a mad as hell Barda.

Oberon sneaks into a sewer to get away from the battle and when he pops open the grille he finds Darkseid, just chilling in an armchair and reading Mein Kampf.

basically it is the best thing.

(in other news, I read the original Kirby run on The New Gods last month. It was AMAZING.)